Construction Services

The company offers construction services in atyrau having had plenty of experience constructing residential and nonresidential buildings, pipe and service line laying, installation of fire fightiing systems, assembly of cable distribution networks, and other types of construction activities.

We offer low prices for our products and services. We provide discounts and bonuses to our regular customers.



Experienced and skilled experts carry out construction activities in Atyrau.


Activities of our construction company

  • Installation of Insulation. Using advanced materials in our turnkey projects allow for heat conservation and heat loss prevention of buildings. We perform pipeline insulation.
  • Concrete floor covering works on industrial scale. Our floors are reliable, strong, and resistant to heavy loads in multipurpose facilities.
  • Installation of fire protection systems. We perform these activities in residential and non-residential buildings using the advanced equipment and in compliance with the standards.
  • Installation of systems related to the industrial pipeline trace heating systems.
  • Trace heating antiicing systems. These activities help prevent from injury-causing hazards related to icicle and overflow ice falling from the roofs, and ensure that the water is disposed off carefully.
  • Industrial and commercial construction of various buildings and residential houses.
  • Assembly of structural electric power networks in buildings and facilities of any sizes.
  • Electrical installation activities in residential buildings, offices, plants and factories with strict compliance with the standards and regulations.
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