Fire Protection Systems

A fire protection system is meant to detect fire points timely and to generate a signal for the fire alarm system, automatic fire fighting system, and escape system. Avalon ttt distributes all fire figting means.

For the safety of the operations without hazardous situations at residential and industrial facilities, special conditions and terms shall be met. That is what fire protection systems are for.



Our company installs systems consisting of

  • Special fire prevention means;
  • Fire protection elements;
  • Fire safety measures.


Fire prevention

The objective of the set of actions is to ensure that the conditions make it impossible for the fire to start, so there is no hazard of the appearance of the source of ignition, and then combustible environment will not be formed. To perform the work the below is required:

  • Using materials not flaring out quickly and thus not emitting hazardous substances;
  • Using flammable materials in the way that their location is not fire hazardous;
  • Installing equipment properly, laying service lines according to the fire safety rules;
  • Following equipment service conditions precisely.

The evacuation plan shall be well-thought-out, and the devices used at the facility shall be properly maintained. All these measures of protection shall complete the installation of the fire protection systems.

One of the most modern options of protection is implementing automated fire suppression system with the use of the below:
  • Water;
  • Foam;
  • Gas;
  • Powder;
  • Aerosol.

Using fire extinguishers, fire hose stations, special tools, and fire blankets is primary means of protection.

Fire protection system can be a part of building security system, and be interrelated with closed-circuit television system, access control and other systems. Our company works closely with the leading vendors of the security systems. Highly qualified professionals select, install and assembly the equipment.

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