Automatic fire-alarm system (AFAS)

Securization is a complex task; preparation for its installation provides for creation of the design. Afas installation starts after all work issues, layouts, and cost is approved by the customer.

Fire protection system design

An up-to-date automated fire alarm system is a complex technological software and hardware package. A professional approach is required starting from the terms of reference, layout and finishing with the commissioning. Basic configuration can be completed with call points, smoke detectors, security cameras, automatic fire suppression devices.

The level of company’s expertise allows taking into consideration the smallest nuances when creating an AFAS.

Developed design solutions will allow for proper level of security and will be cost effective. Professional experience of our personnel allows developing and implementing an efficient protection system to release you from concerns about your home, office, or production facility, about life and health of your family and employees.


Installation of afas

Apart from the design, the package of fire alarm system installation includes cable and equipment installation, adjustment and commissioning and start-up of the whole system. All these works are included in the price.

Avalon TTT employees have knowledge, practical skills, and experience that allow performing installation works in strict compliance with the standards. We guarantee continuous and incident-free functioning of the fire alarm.



After the AFAS is installed, scheduled fire alarm maintenance will be carried out as per the contract and acceptance certificate. It is necessary to guarantee long service life and operations of the protection devices, their precise and efficient work.

We understand that fire alarm protects not only facilities, but also human lives. We use innovative equipment to provide for guaranteed preventative maintenance of the installed system.

Confide in professionals. Protect yourself and your property. Please leave your request for prices for the fire alarm systems, and our experts will contact you to reply to your questions.
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