Paving slabs 3K3 (300x300x30)

Paving slabs are widely used in the improvement of the city, in private areas, in laying paths, in courtyards and squares. We produce paving slabs 3K3 300x300x30 by vibrocasting, different sizes, shapes and colors. We offer to buy paving slabs in Atyrau of standard size or individual production.

Indispensable road-building material in the improvement of territories – paving slabs for gardens and parks, country plots, areas without automobile traffic. Popular with builders paving stone format 3K3 is widely used in the arrangement of country settlements. It can be used as a paving slab for playgrounds. Universal size 300x300x30 allows you to implement any design ideas, create unique ornaments of stylish alternations of different colors.

Advantages of concrete paving slabs 3K3

  • wide scope of application (paving slabs for vegetable garden, garden, park, etc.);
  • resistance to loads and durability;
  • pleasant surface texture;
  • a variety of collections, shapes and colors (when made to order).

Using tiles 3K3 of high quality concrete in landscape design, it is possible to create truly exclusive solutions, to zone the site, to create a comfortable walking zone, to highlight with tiles paths, paths in the garden or park.

Choose paving stone 3K3, manufactured in accordance with GOST 17608-91. Such products are reliable and have a long margin of safety, the original properties and quality are preserved during operation. The average warranty for quality tiles is 10 years, and the actual service life is much longer.

Important parameters of quality assessment include: strength, abrasion resistance, frost resistance, moisture absorption, geometric accuracy, lack of deviations from standard dimensions.
Well-proven vibro-cast tiles, the quality of which is time-tested. On our official website you can buy paving tiles of any format and color. Each batch of goods is subject to mandatory testing.

The cost of paving tiles is influenced by the brand, class of product, quality of raw materials and manufacturing technology. We have organized our own production of paving tiles, so the prices are much lower than in retail stores.

Using in the improvement of sites paving tiles for country houses, you can successfully implement any design project.

You can get advice, find out the prices for paving slabs by contacting our consultants who know the features of the installation of coatings, leave us a request, our managers will contact you.
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