Native floor slabs

Sound load resisting off-form floor slabs are irreplaceable in high-rise construction. Reinforced concrete slabs are also irreplaceable when covering structures and building of various purpose.

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Avalon TTT is represented by construction experts.

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We apply leading technologies of constructing buildings, structures, apartment blocks, bridges, auto roads. We install pipelines and sewage lines, make and repair industrial floors, lay power cables. We do internal and external heat insulation of houses. We install heating systems.

We manufacture standardized concrete products in Kazakhstan and individual products to client’s sketches. We sell any sizes of monolithic slabs, foundation blocks, curbs, power transmission poles, piles etc.

We are notable for our unblemished reputation, client’s trust; we guarantee the quality of our works and products manufactures in Kazakhstan.

We sell Concrete products in atyrau warehouse

Cable Cover Tiles «Осторожно кабель» (Caution – Cable)
Air Field Slabs PAG-14
Concrete Road Slabs 1P 30-18-30
RC Piles
Precast Concrete Power Transmission Poles

We offer to buy monolithic floor slabs, foundation blocks, PAG airfield slabs, piles, supports, borders, paving stones at the best price from the manufacturer. We use advanced equipment for the production of high-quality reinforced concrete products in Kazakhstan.

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Please learn about our construction projects in Kazakhstan as a proof of our high expertise and professionalism.


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