RC Piles

Reinforced concrete piles are efficient tools to improve foundation strength. Avalon TTT sells quality piles for industrial and residential construction in Kazakhstan.

Our company produces reinforced concrete driving piles, which are used to create strong foundation to increase the resistance of buildings to high loads. Conditions of construction of buildings on unstable soil dictate the need for such products. The products are flexible because they help erect residential multi-storey buildings, bridges, and administrative, industrial, agricultural, hydraulic structures.



Reinforced concrete driving piles have the following advantages:

  1. They are longer lasting. Their service life is over 90 years.
  2. They are strong. They are able to bear loads of multi-storey buildings.
  3. They are multipurpose. They are used in construction of buildings of various purposes at various types of soils.
  4. They are steady in seismic activity areas.
  5. They are cost efficient. Their fair price does not affect the quality and reliability.
  6. They stand up to moisture, corrosion and temperature drops.

Special equipment is required for their installation due to their mass and heavy weight. The use of concrete bars is advisable when raising heavy structures due to their own carrying capacity. Due to use of piles, the construction of public utilities and residential buildings is possible on complex reliefs. In any climatic areas, including areas of permafrost soil. In places with gravel or clay pan soils.

Our company manufactures concrete piles in Atyrau in the form of cylindrical pillars for construction in frozen soil conditions.

When ordering the products with our company, we guarantee the delivery by special vehicles to the construction facility. To order, make a request online or call the telephone number provided on our web site.
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