Sale of Concrete Products

Avalon TTT manufactures and distributes rc products widely used in construction. We offer ordering road and air field slabs, piles, supports, cable cover tiles at the lowest prices in Kazakhstan.

Our company manufactures all types of RC structures used in construction of objects of various purpose. Reinforcement of concrete improved its features and increased resistance to tensile stress. As a result, cheap and reliable products are manufactured.


Our products possess the following advantages and features

  1. Long-term operation and strength. Thanks to the improved technical features, concrete structures can bear heavy loads and can be used for longer terms.
  2. Fire resistance. RC products do not burn, are not subject to smoldering, thus they do not emit hazardous substances and toxins to the environment.
  3. Uniformity of texture. They keep the shape and properties in seismic areas.
  4. Multipurposeness. You can create various shapes for construction.
  5. Cost efficiency. Reasonable native prices compensated by the long terms of use.

Our company manufactures rc structures of any types that can be

  • Monolithic. Concrete is poured at the facility.
  • Precast. Assembled at the production site and place of installation.
  • Combined. Manufacturing processes of the first two types can be combined.

RC structures depend on the defined shape:

  • Flat (road and flooring slabs);
  • 3D (concrete rings);
  • Linear (columns, lintels of significant length);
  • Block (SF slabs, FWB etc.).

Precast Concrete Power Transmission Poles
RC Piles
Concrete Road Slabs 1P 30-18-30
Air Field Slabs PAG-14
Cable Cover Tiles «Осторожно кабель» (Caution – Cable)

Using hi-tech concrete road slabs will help reduce the load of the roads. Airfield slabs used as road surface will bear load of over half a hundred tons per square meter. Use AFS as monolithic flooring slabs.

Secure power transmission lines using safe transmission tower. RC items dipped in the soil will stand insoluble for decades holding the overhead electrical networks.

Purchase construction piles allowing strengthening the foundation, compacting the soil to prevent from movement of soil. Piles help erecting houses even in complex landscape conditions. Each pile and slab sold by Avalon TTT complies with high quality standards, and will become a good support for many years when used in construction.

Notify the road services and repair and construction crews performing reconstruction of heating mains, about electric shock hazard. Install native cable protection tiles (CPT) «Осторожно кабель» (Caution – Cable).

Purchase reinforced concrete slabs and piles produced on modern equipment using high-quality materials. We also offer to purchase concrete curbs (footpath edging), RC airfield slabs, power transmission poles at the best price in retail and wholesale.

To purchase concrete products in our company, just leave a request or call. We guarantee the delivery of products by our own special transport to the facility.
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