Manufacture of concrete products

Avalon TTT is a manufacturing business. We present a catalog of reinforced concrete products for professional construction, building of big industrial objects, construction of bridges and roads. Our manufacturing line complies with the European standards as well as our products, which are of a guaranteed quality and reliability.

Reinforced concrete structures are a steong alliance of concrete and reinforcement. The reinforced conrete products are used in both civil and industrial construction.

Along with the others, the reinforced concrete structures have many advantages:

  • Multipurposeness;
  • Adaptation;
  • Fire and corrosion resistance;
  • Low costs on the maintenance.


  • Reinforced concrete slabs, piles
  • Concrete blocks
  • Ceiling/floor slabs
  • Cable cover tiles «Осторожно кабель» (Caution – Cable)
  • Off-standard concrete custom-built products.

Modern construction requires higher quality cement for the reinforced concrete products to ensure that they are durable and serviceable. We got the desired result by constant testing. Our reinforced concrete products provide for the required form and quality due to the innovative technologies that we use.

You will be able to implement any of your architectural forms, slabs, columns, and beams for accommodation and industrial facilities with our products that have proven to possess the following advantages:

  1. Lasting products able to stand against extreme weather events and natural calamities and reduce your material expenses;
  2. Advantageously priced;
  3. Minimizing your building maintenance expenses and being durable;
  4. Multipurposeness of the material used to create any form to implement complex projects based on client’s requirement and architectural solutions;
  5. They are environmentally friendly; they do not release any hazardous substances to the environment.
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