Concrete Road Slabs 1P 30-18-30

Avalon TTT plant offers to purchase concrete road slabs 1p 30-18-30 directly in Atyrau. Our production is hi-tech; raw materials for the manufacture of foundation blocks, slabs, and piles comply with thei ndustrial standards.

Our company has launched the production of high-quality durable products used for the installation of temporary or permanent concrete canvases. They are concrete road slabs 1P 30-18-30. They are used in construction of roads for heavy-duty trucks.



Our road slabs have the following features and advantages:

  • Resistant to high loads due to reinforced concrete;
  • Versatile, suitable for roads with different loads;
  • Fair prices;
  • Ability to withstand different temperature extremes;
  • Waterproofness.

These concrete road slabs are widely used in the construction of access roads bearing heavy loads.



There are three groups of items:

  1. Standard road slabs are multipurpose and widely used. They are suitable for re-use. They withstand temperatures to -50°C.
  2. Prestressed road slabs are of high factor of safety. Lowest allowable temperature is -55°C.
  3. Airfield slabs have the highest factor of safety. They are used in construction of airfields. They can be textured or smooth.

Our products are widely used by construction companies employed in polygon, access ways, and temporary coatings construction.

These items are of significant weight; thus, special vehicles are required for their delivery to the facility. To place your order with us, leave your request on our website or call the hot line. We guarantee the delivery.
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