Precast Concrete Power Transmission Poles

Reliability of power transmission poles guarantees safe electrical transmission lines. Avalon TTT will help implement the project of electrical supply by means of quality poles.

To organize a system of high-voltage lines, reinforced concrete rectangular or round power transmission towers are usually used. Due to structural elements, electricians comply with rules of electrical equipment operating rules related to overhead cables: compliance with the required distance from the ground, roofs of buildings, wires of other lines, other objects.

Our company manufactures reinforced concrete power transmission poles, which are characterized by reliability, special structural strength, used for stable and durable retention of wires of overhead power lines. We strictly adhere to the requirements of GOST during their manufacturing.


Characteristics and advantages

Our PTP are

  • Resistant to aggressive natural factors;
  • Used in different climatic conditions;
  • Able to withstand temperatures to -55°C, set in the fourth and fifth areas as per the SNiP requirements, characterized by a large wind load;
  • Seismic resistant up to nine points according to Richter.

Reinforced power transmission poles have a number of peculiarities

  • Endurance to various types of loads;
  • Corrosion resistance;
  • Resistance to shattering impact of chemicals;
  • Over 50 years of service life;
  • Due to the installation technology, can be installed in a short time.


Transmission towers can be

  1. Intermediate, supporting the cables;
  2. Anchor type, bearing longitudinal wire tension at crossing areas with railway line;
  3. Angle towers used on turns of power transmission lines.

There are options of manufacture of the towers: Freestanding standards or with crossbars, gantry towers, with stay-guys.

Reinforced concrete products are in demand when constructing overhead lines with voltage up to 500kV. For electrical work, the lower part of the structure shall be deeply immersed into soil. The upper part is to be equipped with a metal traverse supporting the cable for its installation in the required position. The calculated temperature of the atmosphere for the operation of concrete products is from -55 C and above.

Reliable resistance to temperature fluctuations is provided by a technological mixture of heavy concrete, supplemented with crushed stone in standard proportions. Brittleness of the poles is balanced with steel frame. Due to the elimination of air cavities during manufacture, products are resistant to winds, vibrations.

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