Cable Cover Tiles «Осторожно кабель» (Caution – Cable)

Cable cover tiles «Осторожно кабель» (Caution - Cable) protect and mark cables laid in ducts. Avalon TTT sells CCT at fair prices in Kazakhstan.

Cable cover tiles «Осторожно кабель» (Caution – Cable) are new generation items used to protect electricity mains laid undergrounround. Cable cover tiles «Осторожно кабель» (Caution – Cable) function as protection and signal. They provide for mechanical protection of the underground power cables during construction, earthworks, and repairs in the cable or communications lines areas. «Caution – Cable» sign informs construction workers and fixers about the voltage of 220 V underground. Our company manufactures CCT as per the GOST requirements and current standards.

CCT are high-molecular compounds of epoxy plastics completed with mineral microfillers (polymer compound). CCT are lighter and wider than bricks; it allows reducing the amount of rigging work and covering of cable routes. «Caution – Cable» sign keeps its characteristics for at least 50-60 years.


CCT have the following peculiarities

  1. It is moisture resistant, which means it provides electrical networks with reliable protection against constant contact with the ground.
  2. Small size. Composite material makes the tiles thin, reliable and light.
  3. They are strong. The material is composed of plastic, which makes it possible to bend, but not to crack.
  4. They are resistant to low temperatures. Product properties do not change, even if it is -50 C.
  5. They are resistant to aggressive chemical substances.
  6. They are functional. Electrical cable requires protection. This is necessary for the installation of underground electrical mains.

If CCT «Опасно Danger» is used than earthwork hazards are eliminated. «Опасно Danger» means that power supply utilities are laid underground. Before placing the CCT, the cable duct is backfilled with a mixture of sand and gravel, with a gap between the tiles of no more than 5 mm. Operating temperature varies from -40 to +40°C.

Our company manufactures the following sizes of the items.

  • 240х480х16 mm;
  • 360х480х16 mm;
  • 480х480х16 mm.
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