Air Field Slabs PAG-14

Slabs PAG-14 are designed to arrange built-up covering of permanent and temporary air fields, city roads, and territories with operating instaneous load over 75 tons per square meter in areas with estimated temperature to minus 60 degrees c.

Airfield slabs PAG-14 are used in construction of road covering. The main peculiarity of these RC structures is mass, strength, and significant weight allowing them bearing heavy loads during operation.


Characteristics and advantages

Company manufactures airfield slabs under the requirements of GOST 25912-2015. High-strength frigostable concrete is used for the manufacture. The reinforcement cage provides resistance to high loads.

The surface can be smooth or ridge. PAG slabs are joined by welding. Special loops are provided for it.

Main characteristics of air field slabs PAG-14

  • Envelope dimensions, mm (length x width x height): 6000х2000х140
  • Weight, kg: 4200
  • Concrete grade by compressive strength (B): 30
  • Concrete freeze-thaw resistance grade (F): 200

Due to reinforcement, air field slabs obtain the following qualities:

  • Crack resistance;
  • Reduced weight without loss of main properties;
  • The economic component is less expensive.

Preparation is required before installing these items

  • Creation of a solid foundation;
  • Compaction of sand cushion;
  • Installation of items;
  • Joint welding.

If the installation requirements are met, airfield slabs will serve long time and will withstand heavy loads. Significant weight requires using special equipment for installation. If we neglect the preparatory works for preparation of the base, and lay the slabs directly on the ground, the coating will lose all the above qualities and will become unsuitable for operation within short period due to the subsidence of the soil.

You can buy native PAG 14 directly in our company. Specify the required number of slabs in your order or call.
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