Curb (kerb) BR 100.20.8 (1000x200x80)

The Avalon TTA company offers to buy a sidewalk curb BR 100.20.8 of its own production at a low price. Each reinforced concrete product produced by us complies with GOST and is manufactured using modern technologies. (BR, BR100)

Concrete curb brand BR 100.20.08 is designed for arrangement of asphalted, embankment paths. Its function is to separate the main site, allocated for the passage part, from the general area.
This variant is manufactured in compliance with all standards. Absolutely even geometry guarantees simplicity and speed of laying. Production of curbs by AVALON TTA is a modern, technological process, focused on high quality of finished products.

Concrete curbs BR 100.20.08 are produced by vibro-casting technology. This allows to guarantee the absence of air cavities inside the product and other defects. As a result, the curb gets a number of excellent characteristics:

  • resistance to temperature fluctuations;
  • mechanical strength of the product;
  • frost resistance;
  • absence of concrete crumbling effect.

The strength and resistance of concrete curbs makes them ideal for use as exterior finishing elements. The product is designed to withstand the high load factors of urban traffic. It is an ideal choice for those areas where traffic is an order of magnitude higher than normal conditions. In essence, the curb serves as a physical barrier that shields pedestrians from potentially hazardous areas.

To ensure that all the described characteristics are met, the model is made from strong grades of cement. The resulting concrete is tested for strength and transferred to casting. This approach allows us to be sure that the entire batch has the stated characteristics with minimal deviations from the norm (in most cases there are no deviations).

Areas of application

Road curb is used for most tasks related to the arrangement of pedestrian and roadways. It is used for:

  • organization and separation of road elements in residential areas;
  • arrangement of parking areas;
  • separating pedestrian areas;
  • creation of artificial barriers;
  • private purposes – arrangement of territory at summer houses, country houses, etc.

Model BR 100 has standard dimensions of 1000x200x80 mm, but the company produces other types of curbs depending on customer requirements. The product is easily processed with a saw, it can be quickly cut to size right on the construction site.

You can buy a road curb by contacting the hotline number or by leaving a request on the website.

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