Curb (kerb) BR 100.30.15 (1000x300x150)

The Avalon TTA company offers to buy a sidewalk curb BR 100.30.15 (1000x300x150) of its own production at a low price. Each reinforced concrete product produced by us complies with GOST and is manufactured using modern technologies. (BR, BR100)

The BR 100.30.15 (1000x300x150) concrete curb is the ideal solution for all your road and pavement needs. This reinforced concrete product is produced using vibrocasting technology, which makes it both durable and frost-resistant, and also provides excellent resistance to temperature extremes. The BR 100 concrete curb is ideal for use in residential areas, parking lots, parks, pedestrian areas, cottages and country houses.

The strength and durability of the BR 100 concrete curb make it ideal for use in all types of outdoor environments. It is designed to withstand heavy loads and heavy traffic, making it the perfect choice for any area where a high level of protection is required. The curb also helps keep pedestrians safe by creating a physical barrier that prevents them from entering dangerous areas.

The BR 100.30.15 (1000x300x150) concrete curb is easy to install and comes in a variety of sizes. It can be quickly cut to size with a saw, allowing the border to fit any space. Contact us today for a concrete curb quote.

You can buy a road curb by contacting the hotline number or by leaving a request on the website.
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