Curb (kerb) BR 100.30.15 (1000x300x150)

The Avalon TTA company offers to buy a sidewalk curb BR 100.30.15 (1000x300x150) of its own production at a low price. Each reinforced concrete product produced by us complies with GOST and is manufactured using modern technologies. (BR, BR100)

Road curb brand BR 100.30.15 is one of the variants of the product line BR 100, designed for the organization of road and pedestrian areas. It is characterized by high performance characteristics, durability and reliability.

The company “AVALON TTA” offers to buy road curb BR 100.30.15 at market prices. We guarantee the quality of our products – each batch passes strict control. As a result, the customer receives a proven solution for their tasks, meeting all the requirements of GOST.

Road curbs BR 100.30.15 are produced by vibratory casting technology. Ready-mix concrete is distributed in molds, simultaneously yielding to the vibration action of the filling line. This makes it possible to compact the casting, avoid the formation of unpleasant cavities inside the structure of the product and other defects.

Features of curbs

  • excellent indicators of frost resistance – thanks to special additives, the curb does not crack under the influence of cold, well tolerates the winter season;
  • is not afraid of temperature fluctuations, does not crumble under the influence of sudden temperature spikes;
  • good indicators of mechanical strength, which is especially important when used in urban conditions, with high traffic;
  • absence of concrete crumbling after a certain period of operation.

In the production of curbs, we carefully monitor compliance with manufacturing technology. Specialists control the concrete, its composition to prevent deviations from standards. As a result, the customer receives perfect quality products, ready for use even in difficult conditions.

Areas of application

Buy curb BR 100.30.15 can be used for different tasks. This is a truly universal solution that allows you to organize road and pedestrian areas in a short time.

Products are actively used for:

  • separation of different zones of the site;
  • organization of private territory at dachas, country houses, etc.;
  • arrangement of roadways;
  • creation of artificial barriers for cars, pedestrians, etc.;
  • construction of pedestrian zones;
  • organization of adjacent territories.
You can buy a road curb by contacting the hotline number or by leaving a request on the website.
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