Curb (kerb) BR 300.30.15 (3000x300x150)

The Avalon TTA company offers to buy a sidewalk curb BR 300.30.15 (3000x300x150) of its own production at a low price. Each reinforced concrete product produced by us complies with GOST and is manufactured using modern technologies. (BR, BR300)

Road curb BR 300.30.15 is a variant with an increased length of the base. It is suitable for organization of road, pedestrian zones, separation of plots and similar tasks. The construction material has excellent performance characteristics, which allows the product to be used in difficult, loaded operating conditions.

AVALON TTA company offers to buy a road curb at a favorable price. We guarantee the quality of our products and its full compliance with GOST standards. In the company’s catalog the customer will find different variants of curbs for any task.

Features of products

Production of curbs is carried out by modern technology. It is based on the technique of vibratory casting. The essence of the technology is the pouring of ready-mix concrete into molds under the influence of vibrating force. Special vibration table evenly tamping the concrete, which eliminates the formation of defects in the internal structure of the curb.

As a result, the product acquires a number of special characteristics:

  • road curb is characterized by excellent strength parameters, the product is ideal for use in harsh conditions (urban traffic, loaded pedestrian zones, etc.);
  • good frost tolerance – concrete does not lose its characteristics under regular exposure to negative temperatures;
  • curbs calmly tolerate sharp temperature fluctuations without losing their properties;
  • there is no effect of concrete crumbling – this is possible due to the precise control of the mixture composition, as well as special stabilizing additives.

Moreover, the ideal geometry of concrete curbs significantly facilitates the installation process. The products are easy to handle, cutting is possible with a concrete saw right on the site, without the use of special machines.

Spheres of application

The company’s products have a wide range of applications for different tasks. This list includes:

  • concrete curb is an invariable element of the organization of road, pedestrian zones;
  • separation of areas;
  • creation of artificial obstacles on the territory;
  • arrangement of pedestrian part, etc.

The cost of the curb compares favorably with the nearest analogs. With ideal performance characteristics, products have a market price.

You can buy a road curb by contacting the hotline number or by leaving a request on the website.
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