Curb for highway and motor roads (1000x300x150, 3000x300x150)

An important element of road traffic organization is a curb. The product performs the function of a limiter and artificial obstacle. In addition, the curb for highways performs a visual function. The element marks the boundaries of the roadway, thus notifying drivers about the dimensions of the road.

Road curbs are also an element of road safety. In case of emergency situations, the product is able, if not to stop an uncontrollable vehicle, then accurately reduce its speed.
The company “AVALON TTA” offers its customers road curb, the price of which compares favorably with the nearest analogs. We guarantee the quality, modern technological process of production and high performance characteristics of our products.

Features of production

Road curb GOST is not just a concrete casting. In the production process, our specialists strictly monitor compliance with the standards for such a critical element.

The basis is reinforced concrete with special additives (reinforcing and stabilizing). Curb for the highway should be characterized by high mechanical strength and resistance to constant loads. For this purpose, a special grade of cement is used, as well as a number of auxiliary additives that increase the resistance of concrete to the environment.

Road curb can be bought in two versions: 1000x300x150 mm and 3000x300x150 mm. The second type is used on long straight sections, because due to its dimensions allows you to save time for the installation of elements along the road.

The main characteristics of curbs:

  • high indicators of mechanical strength;
  • inertness to moisture;
  • frost tolerance;
  • resistance to sharp temperature fluctuations;
  • resistance to vibration loads, which is characteristic for loaded highways.

The curbs are made by the method of vibration pouring. This technological process excludes the formation of cavities, air pockets and other defects in the structure of concrete, negatively affecting the characteristics of the product.


Road curb can be bought for the following purposes:

  • separation of the road from sidewalks on the sides;
  • separation of lanes, boulevards, etc.;
  • creation of artificial side obstacles;
  • “pulling down” the road surface and preventing its destruction.

On the road curb price is specified in the company’s catalog. You can place an order on the website or by phone managers. “AVALON TTA” – your reliable partner in matters of concrete structures!

You can buy a curb by contacting the hotline number or by leaving a request on the website.
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